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http://www.goatweb.com/discover/miniature/nigerian/index.shtml “GoatWeb” – I love it! My Life v.3 plans (following Life v.2 in which I begin my career as a slumlord) may very well include a little goat farm. And I mean than literally – “little goats.” In discovering the Nigerian Dwarf Goat, I think I’ve found the ideal animal for 5’3″ me to […]

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The 29 Healthiest Foods on the Planet | Belly Bytes

http://www.bellybytes.com/articles/29foods.shtml The following is a “healthy food hot list” consisting of the 29 food that will give you the biggest nutritional bang for you caloric buck, as well as decrease your risk for deadly illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Along with each description is a suggestion as to how to incorporate these power-foods […]

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