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How to Ace a Phone Interview – WSJ.com

http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124390348922474789.html Until recently, candidates could often breeze through most phone interviews in 10 minutes or less by answering a few softball questions. Little preparation was necessary, and most people could expect to be invited for a “real” interview before hanging up. These days, job hunters are finding that they need to reserve an hour or […]

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Customer Service, Phone Numbers, Reviews &Tips – A of Companies A to Z Worldwide – GetHuman.com

http://www.gethuman.com/all This website breaks down the phone queue structures of hundreds of businesses, telling you the best way to access a human being. To my dismay, many of Canada’s biggest firms switched to those execrable voice prompts and computerised “people” in an effort to foil compulsive 0 pressers like myself. Ironically, the side effect these […]

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http://www.arashandkelly.co.uk/Genius_Table.htm A small table made out of a giant notepad. Hugely inspiring, though I suspect the real “genius” would be copying the idea and making your own – it couldn’t cost more than $25 for all the parts. For starving artists, saving money is as inspiring as a blank sheet.

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Cool Tools

http://www.kk.org/cooltools/ I have a wholly undeserved reputation for being able to root out neat books, movies and tools that are not well known. In truth, a huge number of “my finds” are stolen from Kevin Kelly’s fantastic web resource, Cool Tools. Kelly’s readers are invited to submit raves of products that work well for them; […]

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