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http://www.csshippingcontainers.co.uk/wordpress/ The exciting world of Shipping Containers and what they can be used for! Forgive them the exclamation point – I’m not sure shipping containers deserve one, though I full admit that a plain old period doesn’t quite cover them. Decades of trade deficits with China have resulted in thousands of these ISBUs abandoned at […]

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[FASHION] Green Toe Shoes

http://www.fpr302.com/blog/302/2006/10/fashion_green_toe_shoes.html Want want want, but not at $80 $80 $80…

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The $40 Hidden Inside a 12V Battery | Wise Bread

http://www.wisebread.com/the-40-hidden-inside-a-12v-battery Being heavily into rechargeable small appliances, I haven’t bought a battery in years. Unless you count the dozens of expensive hearing aid batteries that my grandmother runs through like I do with chocolate. This little hack looks money-savingly promising, if I can figure out the best method of cracking open the battery…

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http://eye.net/eye/issue/issue_02.08.07/city/news.php My initial reaction to this article was fuming anger. I’m surrounded at home and at work by lazy-bones types who find recycling too time-consuming or effort-demanding than simply tossing their crap in the trash. Reading it through, I see now that the solutions proposed are not only worth consideration, but worth implementing – immediately. […]

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