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http://www.wdcs.co.uk/media/flash/whalebanner/content_de.html This is the FOURTH time today I’ve been “denied content” because my Flash player is disabled. Which begs the questions: Why do people insist on using Flash for their websites? and Why is Stumble feeding me this stuff even though I have unchecked the Flash option in my preferences? I’m less concerned about the […]

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Stumblers –

http://www.stumbleupon.com/like/add_as_foe_button/ A growing campaign to add SU functionality?

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HTML help

http://stumbleupon.abandonedgarden.com/scripts.htm Intelligent Design, be damned: THIS is the kind of thing that would make me believe there really is a God! Thanks guys! Backup Your Blog Always wanted to backup your blog? Yeah, me too. And with this bookmarklet written by StrangeJ you can! And it’s really easy too! **BUMPITY BUMP** I’m doubly thankful for […]

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