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How Super Heroes & Super Villains Gain Their Powers

http://laughingsquid.com/how-to-become-super/ A handy field guide to the origins of superheroes.

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Night People

http://www.vic.com/~nlp/n-people.htm Amusing. I’m not a night owl, per se – more a late evening owl – but I can identify with this headline, at least: Strategies for Dealing with a Daytime World and the Tyranny of the Day People

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Infiltration: My First Eight Drains

http://www.infiltration.org/drains-first8.html Ninjalicious, we hardly knew ye. I think I blogged about the death of my fellow Torontonian a while back, and coming across articles like this make me realise what a unique individual he was. He had an unadulterated joy for exploring, even when it was a location as dreary as a drain pipe. (NB: […]

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Dark Side of Oz

http://www.everwonder.com/david/wizardofoz/ I don’t know if I buy the Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz conspiracy, but if ever I were to test it out, this is the page I’d be referencing. Hyper-complete!

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