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100 Reasons

John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats makes a list of reasons R Kelly’s Ignition (Remix) is a fantastic song. No, really: 2. Writing a good “weekend” song is hard to pull off. I fear that the guy who prompted me to begin this thread will say “Nonsense! Anybody can write a good ‘weekend’ song!” When […]

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The List of Lists of Lists

Recursion, defined. (Oh, how I adore Wikipedia!) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_lists_of_lists List of ancient king lists Lists of A&M Records artists Lists of ABC shows Lists of African Americans Lists of African Union members Lists of American films Lists of American football players Lists of American television episodes with LGBT themes Lists of American writers Lists of Americans […]

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Presidential Desks

Some of my favourite articles on Wikipedia are the esoteric, pointless-knowledge entries. Today’s example, Presidential Desks. Did you know there have only been five desks used in the Oval Office? Only Lyndon Johnson had his own, personal desk, and it led to this terrific anecdote: This desk was used by Johnson from the time he […]

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Queen of the Night – Translated

Rainer Hersch should do the surtitles for any opera too boring to sit through. The Ring Cycle would’ve been a lot more tolerable with his assistance.

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Sexual Classics

This made me laugh so hard. I am a huge child.

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The Biggest

And another thing that makes the Internet great: Wikipedia’s collection pages are an interesting way to kill a couple of hours. This is a list of the largest living organisms, from the Great Barrier Reef to tiny insects, with every taxonomic category in between. Fascinating stuff. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Largest_organism

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Disney Face-Swaps

It helps if you know (and love) the movies, but these face swaps are hilarious even if you don’t. http://disneyfaceswap.tumblr.com

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Bonjour, Girl!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcuI6K9daIw I’m just tired enough to find this hilarious.

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Damn You Auto Correct! – Funny iPhone Fails and Autocorrect Horror Stories

http://damnyouautocorrect.com/ This site is hilarious. I wonder how many relationships Autocorrect has ruined? That’s probably why Apple invented FaceTime – to avoid all the lawsuits.

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U.S. Religious Knowledge Quiz

http://features.pewforum.org/quiz/us-religious-knowledge/ Here’s that Pew Religion quiz I blogged about earlier. As I suspected, I did pretty well – 14/15. Missed the question about the First Great Awakening, which was new to me. (Another distinction between myself the religious types who probably scored lower: I actually looked the Awakening up in Wikipedia, ’cause, you know, curiosity.)

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