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Mother Earth News, upon first glance, is a good primer for those reading up on renewable energy or self-sustaining living. Looking deeper, however, it’s a tremendous resource of farming tips, DIY projects and all around Good Stuff. They’ve very generously provided their entire archive dating back to the early 80s (probably even earlier – four straight days of reading have only gotten me to 1983!). Just be warned that the very early stuff was clearly digitised with a faulty OCR scanner: Articles extolling the virtues of millsing cows, DIY rabbit butches or hunting for mashrooms should be taken with a grain of silt.


The OCR errors are truly a delight. Figuring out the original intention is like unearthing potatoes from the layer of offensive muck on top. Today’s browsing brings me mentions of “sorting anal packing” of “cow mercial crops”. (Surprisingly, figuring out what “mercial” meant was more challenging than the anal packing.)

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