You are the nicest most personal person I ever met through ebay. I appreciate it. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks. – C.M. (bought a rare David Gray t-shirt)

Thank you for your consideration I really appreciate it. – D. (bought a vintage Jimi Hendrix shirt)

I’ve only bought 4 things on Ebay so far but you’ve been the best seller so far. Keep up the great work. – D.L. (bought a vintage Steve Earle tour shirt)

Thanks for offering the shirt, it’s brought back some great memories. – G.S. (bought a Tea Party concert shirt)

WOW! Really great, great person, great quality, really great communication. – S.R. (bought a rare Silverchair tour shirt)

Great. Fast. No problems at all. Totally safe, and recommended. – J.G. (bought a Rage Against The Machine concert shirt)

Too bad this wasn’t a proper eBay transaction, you’d have received a GLOWING feedback entry. – R.B. (made a request for a Guinness shirt, and we found him one!)

I must admit you are the first seller to send so many emails to let me know what is going on. I LIKE IT! Thank you for keeping me “in the loop”. – D.R. (bought a rare Avril Lavigne-themed glitter shirt for her daughter)

Again, thank you for your good customer service (which is more important to me than a low price). – D.R. (see above)

I’m a huge [Barenaked Ladies] fan. I even have traveled to Ohio just to see them. I have at least one shirt for each tour they took. This was the last one I needed. Three years in the making of my collection. Thanks for the chance to do it. – K.M. (bought a rare, vintage BNL shirt from their first album. We recently found her an even more rare item – an original BNL hat!)

I got my shirts today, they look great almost like new. Thanks for your service, I recommend to others. – M.S. (bought BMW & Crown Royal golf shirts)

Thanks for the shirt and great correspondence! Very happy with the purchase, and sure my friend will love this! – M.F. (bought a Yertle The Turtle shirt for his best friend’s birthday gift)

I got my shirts last monday, and I am very satisfied to say the least. Thank you for making it so easy. I’m sure I’ll be ordering again at some point! – S.K. (bought Moody Blues, Cat In The Hat, David Letterman, and BMW Sport shirts)

I got the T-shirt thanks very much! I’m pleased with it! I’ll wear it with pride! – D.N. (bought a vintage Midnight Oil tour shirt)

Just wanted to let you know that I got my shirt on Saturday and absolutely LOVE it….Tim looks so good on it…..YUM YUM YUM!!!! Thanks a bunch for letting me know that you had it. – T. (bought a SoulIISoul Tim McGraw/Faith Hill tour shirt… Apparently more for Tim than for Faith ;))

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve received my Smithwick’s tee safe and sound. Love the insert that came with it! Really cute… Glad you’re a “green” company. I’ll certainly keep you in mind for future searches. – M.S. (bought a rare Smithwick’s shirt)

I just wanted to let you know that I got the shirt. Everything is fine, I’m very pleased. – N. (bought a vintage Ben Folds Five tour shirt)

The astonishingly cool Strong Bow Tee arrived yesterday. Thanks so much. I’m sure to order from you again! – E.K. (bought a Strongbow Cider t-shirt)

Thank you for the info about the Les Miserables shirt. I had already found one, but thank you for trying. – S. (put in a request for a Les Mis shirt – we found one after a few months’ digging)

I just wanted to say thanks for the shirts! It was a big surprise to find the second one, but I’ve always wanted one like that (I didn’t have my driver’s license during that tour, so I missed them). And like I said, I’d been looking for that Nine Lives shirt since I passed over it three times on that tour. I have a tattoo just like it. So anyway, thanks again! The next time I need a rock T, I’m coming to you. – J.B. (bought an Aerosmith shirt from the Nine Lives tour, and we had a well-worn Get A Grip shirt that we threw in as a gift to a big Aerosmith fan!)

Wanted to let you know M. did receive the Rush t-shirt and he loves it. It’s nice on him (he sent me some pics wearing it) Thank you very much. – P. V. (bought a Rush tour shirt as a gift for her boyfriend)

Got the shirt yesterday – it’s perfect! Thanks for the discs, too. – C.D. (bought a rare, geek-worthy Commodore hockey jersey for his girlfriend, and enjoyed our freebies, too!)

I have just received the shirt and it is perfect. And thank-you for the CD which I will now enjoy. – G.H. (bought a Black Label golf shirt for a BL-obsessed friend’s birthday)

Just writing to say that my MGM logo shirt arrived last week. I am very pleased with it, luckily the size is perfect. It says XL, but it really is only a large when you compare it to other sizes. perhaps you could suggest this to customers who query it’s size in the future. Anyway, fits perfectly. – J.M. (bought an MGM golf shirt and raises a good point! Please do not hesitate to contact us for exact measurements of our shirts! 9 times out of 10, the label will be accurate, but it pays to be sure!)

I don’t think I wrote to thank you for the great shirts, I got a Sleeman’s Cream and a Max Headroom shirt – my hubby was super thrilled! I redeemed myself from many previous lame gifts, or lack of gifts there. – C.R.. (whose hubby got a great Sleeman’s golf shirt and a super-rare Max Headroom collectible.)

Your service is top notch, your shirts are hella cool, AND saved from landfills no less. I get a kick out of window shopping on your website too. You totally rock. – C.R.. (see above. We’re blushing! Thank you!)

Thank you for all your help. And trust me, the jersey will not only be cared for, but worn with pride. What a great site, and seriously, you run it so well. It’s nice to see someone so willing to help. If you have a testimonial section, go ahead, put this on there, I dare you. I always read those with doubt thinking, “who would ever say that,” but I’m serious. Thank you again. – J.J.K. (bought a very rare Vancouver Grizzlies jersey.)