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Twist endings are trending. via gang fight! knocked out! – YouTube. via HE SLEEP!! (WorldStar Fight).

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David Bowie’s Throbbing…

Nathan Rabin brings his usual panache to this review of a smutty book by David Bowie’s ex. Yet I had a hard time disliking David Bowie, let alone hating him. How could I? If anything, I came away with an even greater respect for the man and his music. It boggles the mind to think […]

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“Zing Me”

The humourists at Pendulous Breasts Quarterly (who all seem to be men, though I suppose this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have pendulous breasts) have a special offer for buyers at their online store: Personalised insults, inscribed in your books. Pendulous Breasts Quarterly, More Personalized Insults From ‘PBQ’ Contributors! Ouch!.

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White-Out News

I’ve blogged about this before, but seriously – check out White-Out News.  It’s like a chicken and egg conundrum over whether the goofy guy who makes it is huffing too much white-out vapour, or if the vapour is what made him goofy in the first place. White-Out News.

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Disney Face-Swaps

It helps if you know (and love) the movies, but these face swaps are hilarious even if you don’t. http://disneyfaceswap.tumblr.com

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Meet the sloths on Vimeo

http://vimeo.com/11712103 Speaking of (or rather, in) high-pitched squealing noises, how unbelievably adorable is this?!

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Neverending Rooster – CollegeHumor Video

http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1927334 What, no “buy ringtone” button? *disappointed*

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http://strangeoc.freedomblogging.com/files/2008/11/alligator-2-girl.jpg Most dangerous fuel-tank access EVER.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h47Jd2szwHw A comparative discussion on comedian/audience interaction with Frannyy. I submit a Carlin routine I loved as a kid wherein he gets his entire audience to pop their cheeks. (Found after all of 10 seconds’ searching on YouTube – bless you, Internet.) I’m reminded of the easy genius of early Carlin. Oh, George, we hardly […]

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Cell Phone Symphony | Improv Everywhere

http://www.improveverywhere.com/2006/02/18/cell-phone-symphony/ A cacophonous prank worth of the name Cacophony Once everyone was in the store with their bag checked, I called our conductor Agent Kula back in Union Square and told him it was time for the first movement. He counted down and had all 60 callers hit send simultaneously. At once, the phones started […]

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