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Neil Macdonald: Obamas whistleblower conundrum – World – CBC News

Neil Macdonald does his usual crack reporting, this week commenting on the NSA scandal. The fact is, American law encourages whistleblowers and, often, they go down in history as courageous people of principle who made their country better. Their nation values them, but not their government. via Neil Macdonald: Obamas whistleblower conundrum – World – […]

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Dear Journalists at Vice and Elsewhere…

McAfee’s location was exposed after he agreed to let two reporters from Vice Magazine tag along with him. Proud to finally be in the thick of a story rife with vices — drugs, murder, prostitutes, guns, vicious dogs, a fugitive millionaire and his inappropriately young girlfriend — they proudly posted an iPhone photo to their […]

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Note to Self

  Never read MomLogic. Their worldview is terrifying.  

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Revolt of the Rich

A scary yet important article that discusses the new secessionists: The rich who remove their wealth from society. In the wake of Mitt Romney’s 47% speech, it’s all the more imperative that those of us *not* in the 1% realise what the jerks are up to. There have been numerous books about globalization and how […]

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NHL Lockout: Fan Comment

Hockey lost me after the last lockout, when I watched salaries go astronomical and the game carved up to fit TV timing. This latest “labour action” disgusts me even more, and the CBC has posted a bang-on comment from a reader that explains why: Here’s Sunday’s second comment from a CBCSports.ca user out of Quebec […]

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John Cleese Despises Christianity

Excellent religious argument from John Cleese aside, this is a fascinating time capsule of England in the late 1970s. When a comedy film with a religious setting could be dragged across the coals by the media and the establishment. But it’s the Pythons’ argument that is the meat of the clip. Cleese and Palin ask […]

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An Ongoing Disaster

Fish and crustaceans caught in the Gulf of Mexico are heavily diseased and deformed.  Given the environmental disaster that the region suffered, first in the wake of the interminable oil spill, then again in the cleanup.  How I wish these could be served up, à la Blinky, to BP executives and anybody involved in designing/building/voting […]

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Why I left Google

I used to be a Google fan, but boy, have they lost me.  Sounds like a few of the employees are feeling the same malaise and lack of direction as I am, and have started to jump ship.  It’ll be interesting to see where Google is in 10 years, or if it even minimally resembles […]

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Ze Sniffles

Longest Inaugural Address: William Henry Harrison’s in 1841. He delivered the 1 hour 45 minute oration without wearing a hat or coat in a howling snowstorm, came down with pneumonia, and died one month later. His was the shortest tenure in the White House. Which led to my favourite LOLcat (or LOLpresident, in this case) […]

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Colbert PAC

Stephen Colbert is my hero. This time, he’s taking on the US political PAC system, to prove how corrupt and nefarious it can be. It’s unlikely his campaign will amount to actual reform, but it’s great that he’s planting the seed of knowledge in his viewership, at least. The Daily Show gets a lot more […]

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