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Flogsta Scream

File under: Local traditions. Every evening at approximately 10 p.m., the “Flogsta scream” (Flogstavrålet in Swedish) may be heard, when students individually or collectively let out screams and howls from windows, balconies and roof tops. According to Uppsala University, the collective screaming acts as “a much needed safety valve” and “a cry of angst” for […]

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Desexualising dolls

This Australian lady has been buying those hypersexualised Bratz dolls and modifying them with makeup remover – ironically – to show what they look like when they wake up in the morning. Fantastic idea and fun craft. She Takes Off A Doll’s Face With Nail Polish Remover. When You See The Result You’ll Want One! […]

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Terminally Ill Woman Is Taken to the Rijksmuseum

This is really lovely. Reminds me of the story which made Cardinal Mazarin my favourite French historical figure: As he was dying, he had servants carry him around so he could say goodbye to all his favourite paintings.   Terminally Ill Woman Is Taken by Ambulance to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam So She Can Visit […]

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Man’s Best Friend & Posties Worst Nightmare

Aussie postman takes us on a tour of the neighbourhood dogs. So great. Man's Best Friend & Posties Worst Nightmare…..or not? – YouTube.

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Bean: The Ultimate Psychopath Movie Trailer

Ridiculously well done. This is creepy as hell. Bean: The Ultimate Psychopath Movie Trailer – YouTube.

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Boba Fett Mixer

The Susan Komen pink stuff can take a flying leap. I want this mixer in my kitchen! Boba Fett Mixer by tommyfilth on deviantART.

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Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art

Dirty Car Art, aka how to guarantee they will never wash their cars again. Image Gallery | Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art.

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Pixels by Patrick Jean

Pixels by Patrick Jean – YouTube.

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Prisoners Rehabilitate Death Row Cats

Small programs like this can have big impacts on the people (and animals, in this case) involved.  Sadly this is the kind of thing any cost-cutting, tough-on-crime government would be quick to cut in funding. “When you’re doing prison time, you get set in certain ways and forget what it’s like to have everyday interactions […]

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Blog Tending as the New Zen Garden

This is an interesting article about Ta-Nehisi Coates’ approach to blogging.  I’m only an occasional visitor to his blog, but I’m always amazed at how deep and learned the conversation is.  A little bit of guidance from the blogtender goes a long way to weeding out the obnoxious pests that infest thought-gardens Internet-wide. At the […]

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