Rob Delaney on Homophobia

I first heard about Rob Delaney around the same time everyone first heard of Rob Delaney – when the guy in the neon budgie smuggler somehow became the darling of Twitter. I admit, I checked out his page, puzzled over who exactly this unknown was who every major comedian was retweeting, but didn’t follow him myself. I happened to be in Britain last year during the airing of Catastrophe, however, and ever since then I am following Rob Delaney in every way possible. Turns out he’s not only funny but an incredibly thoughtful writer and a social activist after my own heart – considerate and angry by turns. This piece about homophobia sums it up. Come for the comedy, stay for the humanism and well-turned phrases.

Homophobes aren’t going to hell, like they often say their perceived opponents are. Rather they are in hell, and they prolong their stay with each hateful act, word, and thought. They can leave whenever they want.

Source: Take a Stroll… with Rob Delaney – On Hating Gay People | VICE | United States

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