Appropriate and Inappropriate Reactions

A club in Britain gave a fantastic response to a racist drunk who was turned away, and in typical Facebook fashion the club’s post – not the racist’s – was deleted. Luckily someone has saved it and posted it to the Indy. Worth a read to see an aggressive bitch get her comeuppance. There hasn’t been enough of that in 2016.

A woman who was turned away from The Loft nightclub in Weston-Super-Mare for being too drunk decided the best response was to post a racist rant on Facebook. Deborah Smith was refused entry from the club, and went home to complain on The Loft’s page. She wrote: It is 3.30am and I have been refused entry to the LOFT in Weston Super Mare!!!! Why???? Because some foreign t**t says I was too p**sed to enter.

Source: Nightclub responds brilliantly to a woman’s racist rant

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