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Terminally Ill Woman Is Taken to the Rijksmuseum

This is really lovely. Reminds me of the story which made Cardinal Mazarin my favourite French historical figure: As he was dying, he had servants carry him around so he could say goodbye to all his favourite paintings.   Terminally Ill Woman Is Taken by Ambulance to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam So She Can Visit […]

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How to paint Easter eggs

A link to creating natural dyes for Easter eggs like these. How to paint Easter eggs | Russia Beyond The Headlines.

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3..2..1.. Liftoff. – Imgur

Can’t. Stop. Watching. 3..2..1.. Liftoff. – Imgur.

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Google Maps: Roman Empire Edition

As a Classics student and an Oregon Trail buff, this is beyond cool. Ever wondered how long it would take to travel from Rome to Constantinople at the peak of the Roman Empire? Or from Luna to Larissa? Or Parma to Thessalonica? This map of the Roman World created at Stanford University is awesomely realistic […]

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Shintaro Ohata Sculptures

I mistook the closeup images here for paintings, and thought them nice but twee.  Seeing the sculpture as separate somehow elevates them to emotionally-moving art. Shintaro Ohata combines sculpture and canvas in his art – Imgur.

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Major Scaled #2 : “Recovering My Religion”

Losing My Religion, “redone” in a major scale. Wow. Michael Stipe sounds delighted with his newfound atheism. via Major Scaled #2 : REM – “Recovering My Religion” on Vimeo.

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Man Walks All Day to Create Spectacular Snow Patterns

Artist Simon Beck must really love the cold weather! Along the frozen lakes of Savoie, France, he spends days plodding through the snow in raquettes (snowshoes), creating these sensational patterns of snow art. Working for 5-9 hours a day, each final piece is typically the size of three soccer fields! The geometric forms range in […]

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Don Valley Parkway Rainbow

Growing up, the rainbow tunnel was the most recognisable “almost home” landmark en route from downtown. I always wondered how it had come to be there, and where it actually was. Walking through a city nature preserve near my home last year, I stumbled across it and was giddy at the realisation. Hooray for small […]

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Artichoke + MRI = Awesomeness

About two years ago, Andy Ellison needed to test one of the MRI machines he works with at his job at Boston University Medical School. He reached for an orange. The result was stunning: An artichoke explosions. These are all great but this one’s my favourite. via Artichoke + MRI + GIF = Awesomeness – […]

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Tapetum lucidum

And now you know! Eyeshine is a visible effect of the tapetum lucidum. When light shines into the eye of an animal having a tapetum lucidum, the pupil appears to glow. Eyeshine can be seen in many animals, in nature and in flash photographs. In low light, a hand-held flashlight is sufficient to produce eyeshine […]

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