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Michael Stipe’s Retirement

Michael Stipe has been filling the spare time caused by REM’s breakup by Tumbling (is that a thing?) and adopting a personal fashion that can only be described as Sad Professor. A sweet little interview for those of us who miss his voice, even though his speaking voice sounds so jarringly unlike like his singing […]

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Cute guy, Scottish accent, drowning in affectionate baby lions. My ovaries, they are a-throbbin’. worker at lion park gets hugs from sweet lion cubs 1 – YouTube.

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James Hunter

A new friend and I have been bonding over music – his, specifically, as he’s got a huge selection of vinyl and some truly quality taste. He introduced me to James Hunter the other week, and I was immediately taken with it: I love 1950s soul. Imagine my surprise, then, when friend informs me that […]

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Daddy Cool

I’ve been watching the Ken Burns’ Jazz series, and am getting acquainted with Duke Ellington. Boy, did he live up to his nickname. Check this out: Fwah.

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http://roflrazzi.com/upcoming?pid=12514 Hear, hear!

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRrk3zZmksE Another diaspora Scots phenomenon: The inability of North Americans to understand the accent. I’ve got friends who’ve had lengthy conversations with my parents only to reveal afterwards that they only understood about 50% of it. (This despite the fact that my parents have been here for nearly 40 years, and no longer sound anything […]

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHz2eUdMyCA Two very funny, very charming boys illustrate the accent-recovery phenomenon that occurs when diaspora Scots sit down for a wee blether.

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Error: No Such Username – StumbleUpon

http://sargt000.stumbleupon.com/review/31666302/ Oh yeah? Well, I have loved Paul Rudd since he played Alicia Silverstone’s slacker stepbro in 1995. By the ancient laws of “I saw him first” (inscribed in the Hammurabic Code, I believe) you must now back off, sister, or be warned that I can pull hair and girl-slap with the best of ’em.

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http://www.cbc.ca/hottype/host/index.html Attempts to watch CBC Sunday Edition are failing due to Evan Solomon’s distractingly perfect teeth. (As if he wasn’t distracting enough originally.)

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The Amazing Book-Staircase | CoolBoom

http://coolboom.net/interior-design/the-amazing-book-staircase/ I have to admit, I’ve severely turned on by this image. NSFW, if you – like me – are surrounded by book-adverse, Hello-magazine-readin’ twerp coworkers.

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