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Washing their hands of sanity

Not sure what kind of play the Republicans are making here – this “let them decide” now seems to be the party line. If it means more braindead sheep removed from the voting pool, I’m all for it. Meanwhile, I’m going to keep washing my hands and avoid shaking hands with this Senatorial idiot. A […]

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WTF sex tips from womens magazines

Guys, if the ladies you date read Cosmo, you should scan this list to know what’s in store for you.  The most WTF one, by my book is: 24 WTF sex tips from womens magazines| studentbeans.com.

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Slow loris – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slow_loris I do love Wikipedia, but the user-created content sometimes results in a disparity of quality from one article to the next. I’ve read a fair few articles whose contributors, I feel certain, were 14 year old boys with very little understanding of their subject. This article, however, reads like a postdoctoral essay from someone […]

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Guidespot: Love Carrots…And Other Oddball Fruits and Vegetables

http://www.guidespot.com/guides/strange_cool_exotic_vegetables I’ve tasted a few of these unusual fruits (and they’ve all been great), but my slathering jaw dropped at the sight of a “cucumelon”: This is like the Reese’s peanut butter cup of fruits for me – two great tastes that taste great together. Further investgation on this oddity proves it’s even odder than […]

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http://www.goodyblog.com/playing_house/2009/04/the-easiest-easter-eggs-of-all.html Bringing new meaning to the term “tie-dye”; Easter eggs worthy of the boardroom.

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Design &Inredningsbloggen – Bedtime story

http://inredningsbloggen.blogg.se/2007/june/bedtime-story.html Quit hogging all the pages.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqL6fI2Jvzk Japanese game show* + Toy Story II = Progressive levels of awesomeness with each successive trademark infringed. Go, Zurg Cannon, go! *Named “What A Cool We Are!” which is really just the awesomeness cherry on top.

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http://www.thelstalk.com/amazing-beautiful-picture-made-out-of-tooth-pics-pics/ From the “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” file.

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http://jezebel.com/5167730/its-not-easy-being-green Are you saying you don’t like it? Damn. Hope I kept my receipt. *brushes frogs out of eyes to check wallet*

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http://www.indianpad.com/pics/616427/height-of-determination/ This guy is handier than I am, without having any hands at all. *shamed*

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