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5 foods its cheaper to grow – MSN Money

http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/SavingandDebt/SaveMoney/5FoodsItsCheaperToGrow.aspx A good primer for first-time gardeners, who are unsure of what to grow. Admittedly, I still want to plant potatoes (specialty fingerlings, anyway) just to be able to say I’ve grown them, but they’re bang on about the other “cheaper to buy” crops. If you really want a return on your garden investment, plant […]

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G.R.O.W. seeks volunteers – TribToday.com – News, Sports, Jobs, Community Information – Tribune Chronicle – Warren, OH

http://www.tribtoday.com/page/content.detail/id/535890.html?nav=5021 The Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley recently awarded G.R.O.W. a $10,000 grant that will be used to purchase seeds, plants and other supplies necessary for the nearly 11 acres of gardens, Hathhorn said. He said he gets calls every day from day cares, schools, other nonprofit organizations and community groups wanting to reserve […]

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New! The Growing Challenge Advanced Edition – From Seed To Seed! | One Green Generation

http://1greengeneration.elementsintime.com/?p=703 It has been exactly one year since we officially launched The Growing Challenge. And now it’s time to add some spice. So this year, we’re adding a twist for a new advanced level that goes something like this: Grow a new crop from seed this year, nurture it organically, and then successfully harvest enough […]

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Guidespot: Love Carrots…And Other Oddball Fruits and Vegetables

http://www.guidespot.com/guides/strange_cool_exotic_vegetables I’ve tasted a few of these unusual fruits (and they’ve all been great), but my slathering jaw dropped at the sight of a “cucumelon”: This is like the Reese’s peanut butter cup of fruits for me – two great tastes that taste great together. Further investgation on this oddity proves it’s even odder than […]

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Landscaping photos of “Kats Container Garden” from Port Charlotte, FL posted by KatG

http://davesgarden.com/guides/ls/view/150/ I don’t have much interest in gardening non-edibles, but would happily make an exception for these. Anyone else think the one on the left bears a resemblance to Robert Plant? (Pun possibly intended.)

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Police Raid Home For … Tomatos? | Cannabis Culture Magazine

http://www.cannabisculture.com/articles/5252.html I’ve got a window full of bushy greens in an area of Toronto riddled with grow-ops, and have often wondered if I might not experience a similar situation one day.

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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_VTMXOG4iIcM/SaX1kKi65eI/AAAAAAAAEZc/ZwgIhOOUhXE/S660/Victory+Garden+ad+1.jpg My StumblePal RodneyHarrington is an action-taker par excellence: As his hard-hit Ohio town fights a rearguard action against the onslaught of foreclosures and dereliction, Rodney is organizing a grassroots counteroffensive in the most literal sense: Armed only with shovel, hoe and watering can, he’s transforming the untended, abandoned properties around him into food gardens, […]

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The Guerrilla Gardening Homepage

http://www.guerrillagardening.org/ The London Guerrilla Gardeners show off their recent successes. Such a wonderful form of subversiveness.

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Wild Front Garden | You Grow Girl

http://www.yougrowgirl.com/thedirt/2008/07/09/wild-front-garden/ WANT! doesn’t begin to cover how much I covet this lush front garden. No sterile “lawn”, lots of twee little flowers, and a mass of green. Bonus points for being partially edible, entirely beautiful, and not requiring a single pass with the lawnmower all season.

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http://farmlet.co.nz/ I’ve been a bit mad for hobby farms recently, and it really isn’t helping my productivity at work to be immersed in sites like this when I have projects to do. (Thanks for nothing, jerk! :P) Sites like this make me insanely jealous (emphasis on the insanity – I have no farming experience and […]

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