5 foods its cheaper to grow – MSN Money


A good primer for first-time gardeners, who are unsure of what to grow. Admittedly, I still want to plant potatoes (specialty fingerlings, anyway) just to be able to say I’ve grown them, but they’re bang on about the other “cheaper to buy” crops.

If you really want a return on your garden investment, plant fruit trees. Alexander planted one $14 peach tree, and it gives him more than 200 pounds of peaches every year. Yes, he sprays it every year with about $3 worth of fungicide and pesticides. (The sprayer cost $30.) In the Hudson Valley, he doesn’t have to water fruit trees. At $1 per pound for the peaches, in the first year that he got a full crop, he had a 1,400% return (or a mere 339% if you throw in the cost of the sprayer and a few years’ worth of spray). Try getting a return like that on Wall Street.

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