And Always After That It Grew Much Worse

I present, as official slogan of 2016:

Source: And Always After That It Grew Much Worse

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Randy Rainbow

This entire election cycle has been a mess at best, and an absolute cesspit of awfulness at worst, but there has been one very bright light in the darkness: Randy Rainbow’s videos.

I finally loaded up his Braggadocious vid after everyone on my Facebook feed had forwarded it along, then the rest of that night going through his entire playlist. The early vids are as hilarious as the new ones. Here’s a talent who needs to be snapped up (and hopefully given some creative freedom) by a studio or production company. I will happily watch anything he makes!


Source: Randy Rainbow – YouTube

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Before You Let a Man Sweep You Off Your Feet

This is a really lovely little prose poem by Ace Metaphor.

Source: (1) Ace Metaphor – Timeline

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Silver Linings

This election has been repulsive on so many counts, but Gail Collins presents us with at least one happy thought:

Ted Cruz — who insulted Trump by failing to endorse him at the convention, then panicked and gave him a nod just before the trash-talk tape went public — must be having the worst week of his political life. Which certainly is a mood raiser.

Source: And Now, the Good News Is … – The New York Times

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The Colorful Stories of 5 Obsolete Art Pigments

As an artist, I think a lot about colour. As a historian, I don’t. This is an interesting look at where some of our colours came from, and why they aren’t used anymore.

The colors of art change not just with trends, but availability as well. For reasons of being incredibly poisonous, expensive, or just involving way too many snails, here are five pigments that have disappeared from art.

Source: The Colorful Stories of 5 Obsolete Art Pigments

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Scott Adams is a Troll

Dilbert stopped being funny or relevant a long time ago, but Scott Adams seems to believe he’s still funny and relevant.  He should get out more, or just get out.

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Frankie Boyle: “The Dunkirk of the Spirit”

Cameron’s low estimation of the public can be seen in his decision to hold the referendum before people fleeing war and drought begin their attempts to cross the Mediterranean this summer. He imagines that dead bodies on beaches, and news reports from refugee camps would make us vote against the EU, as our primary concern would be keeping those people out. I think it’s more likely that this refugee crisis will create an outpouring of compassion. We can register our disgust at being spoken to as racists in this referendum by how we behave towards these refugees. People are drowning in the Mediterranean while we have a navy that could save them. We can press our government to act, and I refuse to be told that’s fanciful by people who think it would be easier to reform the EU. And we can act ourselves. People already are. Donating money, driving to Calais with supplies, trying to create political pressure, and let’s join them, each in our own little way, in a sort of Dunkirk of the spirit. We should do this because these are desperate human beings who need our help. As an added bonus, remember that whatever you do, no matter how small, will appal both sides of this intellectually enfeebled and poisonous campaign, and that the most radical message we can send them is that we still feel love.

Source: The Brexiteers look like villains cornered by Batman in a hall of mirrors | Frankie Boyle | Opinion | The Guardian

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Apple – 40 Years in 40 Seconds

Happy birthday, Apple! I spent 8 of my formative years working there – represented in this video from 0:10 to 0:23.  It was a hell of a ride and I sincerely hope there’s at least another 40 years for me as a customer.

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The Inside Story of the ‘Colbert Emoji’

Short article detailing the steps involved in making an emoticon. Who knew?

Face With One Eyebrow Raised sailed through the subcommittee. In January, it was presented at the quarterly meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee, a more powerful body which gets to vote on the recommendations presented by the Emoji Subcommittee. There, it was approved to be a candidate for inclusion in the Unicode Standard.

The grueling process to get it made

Source: The Inside Story of the ‘Colbert Emoji”

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The Triumph of Failure: Ireland 1916

The Sunday Edition can usually be relied upon for intelligent, interesting and engaging discussions, but it surpassed itself today. Michael Enright leads coverage of the Easter Rising centenary, and talks about its legacy on modern Irish history. Excellent, excellent programming.

Few crushed rebellions have spawned as much poetry, song, legend and heated argument, as the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin. The Rising was doomed as a military operation. But it set in motion the final bloody struggle for Irish independence after 800 years of English rule. And it continues to shape the consciousness and politics of modern Ireland. As the country marks the 100th anniversary of the Rising, Michael Enright goes to Dublin to visit the iconic locations of the Rising: the General Post Office on O’Connell Street’ where it all began; Kilmainham Gaol, where the leaders were executed by the British; and Glasnevin Cemetery, where the dead of Ireland’s independence struggles lie.

Source: The Triumph of Failure: Ireland 1916

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