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Perfect. - Imgur

Perfect. – Imgur.

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How to paint Easter eggs

A link to creating natural dyes for Easter eggs like these.

How to paint Easter eggs | Russia Beyond The Headlines

How to paint Easter eggs | Russia Beyond The Headlines.

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Art is Everywhere

This lovely Matisse-like image is actually an electron micrograph of the ebola virus.  Something awful can be surprisingly beautiful.

File:Ebola virus virion.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

File:Ebola virus virion.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Modernizing Monuments

Love how this Soviet monument in Bulgaria is updated for every protest.

BBC News – Bulgaria Soviet monument in Sofia gets Ukraine twist.

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Robert Gleadow

I got to see Cosi fan Tutte last night, and was immediately impressed by the singer performing Guglielmo.  His charisma and long hair seemed familiar, and when I researched my suspicions today I was correct in remembering him from the COC’s La Boheme 10 years ago, where he stole the show as Colline.  Nice surprise to see he’s a local boy.  I’ve remembered his name so as to find him in future Toronto productions.  He’s one to watch.

At an age where most singers are still in search of career prospects, Gleadow is carefully deciding which opera engagements to accept, and which ones to postpone.

“I’ve been offered Don Giovanni three times now,” says the charismatic baritone. “But it’s not time yet. After all, if I sing Don Giovanni now, what do I do next?”

With the guidance of his agents at IMG Artists and trusted confidantes like Toronto vocal coach Roxolana Roslak, with whom he started studying at age 16, Gleadow wants to make sure he is a still a going international concern at age 50.

via He cuts a fine figure of a Figaro | Toronto Star.

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Criterion’s How-To

Fantastic documentary showing how Criterion creates those magnificent restorations of classic films.


Coolness: Watch how Criterion restores its movies / The Dissolve.

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A coworker brings his dog in, and her expression when she’s allowed to “free range” reminded me of this lovely poem.


Freedom (Louis Dudek)

My two dogs

tied to a tree

by a ten-foot leash

kept whining and howling for an hour

till I let them off.


Now they are lying quietly on the grass

a few feet further from the tree

and they haven’t moved since I let them go.


Freedom may be

only an idea

but it’s a matter of principle

even to a dog.

via compendium of universal human situations, louis dudek.

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Timeline of Nuclear Tests

This video is nothing but computer noises and dots on a screen, but it’s gripping: A timeline and map of all nuclear detonations since 1945.

▶ nuclear testing.wmv – YouTube.

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Mike Duffy claims Harper told him to repay money

“The prime minister wasnt interested in explanations or the truth,” says man who wasn’t interested in explanations or the truth.  Sheesh.  Why Shakespeare wanted rid of lawyers when there were perfectly disposable politicians around is beyond me.

via Mike Duffy claims Harper told him to repay expense money – Politics – CBC News.

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Oprah, You Evil Bitch


original.gif 300×169.

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