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Pixels by Patrick Jean

Pixels by Patrick Jean – YouTube.

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Criterion’s How-To

Fantastic documentary showing how Criterion creates those magnificent restorations of classic films.   Coolness: Watch how Criterion restores its movies / The Dissolve.

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Pixellated Classics

Animated GIFs of some of my favourite movies. Fabulous. Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

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TVO | TVO Announces Plan That Looks to Future

When I gave up my TV a few years ago, one of the biggest regrets was that I was also giving up Saturday Night at the Movies. The show and its antecedents were family traditions dating back to my earliest memories – the late Elwy Yost felt like an uncle I got to see once […]

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Sub City Paris

This reduced me to a quivering jelly of anthropomorphized nostalgia, and I don’t even take the Metro when I’m in Paris. Beautiful. Happy Bastille Day. The Unexpected Beauty of a Suspended Moment in 'Sub City Paris' – Video – The Atlantic.

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Ken Burns’ Effect

I find Ken Burns a little grating in interview – his style is very mannered and dramatic – but he’s perfect in this short, wherein the master of the longform biographic movie gets a short film treatment. Ken Burns on Why His Formula for a Great Story Is 1+1=3 – Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg – […]

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The United States of Hollywood

Too cool. usamovies.jpg 550×356 pixels.

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A Certain Kind of Death

At the death of a year in which far too many of my loved and admired ones passed away, I stumbled across this documentary about the procedures of death – specifically, those who die without next of kin. The YouTube description is “unblinking and unsettling”, and there are scenes of dead bodies in various states […]

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Marxes in the Mirror

Reading a bit about the Marx Brothers, who, it turns out, resembled each other a lot more than the stage makeup and costumes would have you believe. It was pointed out that the mirror scene in Duck Soup illustrates this. Sure enough, ask and ye shall receive wildly entertaining proof.

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Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan: Were not the big buddies people think we are | Culture | The Guardian

http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2010/oct/26/steve-coogan-rob-brydon The waiter brings the wine and pours a little for Coogan to taste. “Yeah, that’s lovely,” he says. “What are you doing with the wine-tasting?” hisses Brydon after the waiter has departed. “When you taste wine you’re not saying whether you like it, you’re saying if it’s not corked.” He illustrates his point, showing […]

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