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A coworker joked about transforming into a bird, and I flashed back to this, my favourite show as a kid.  A friend still won’t forgive me for forcing her to watch it and giving her a decade worth of nightmares, but seeing this for the first time since 1983, I finally feel sorry.  Not for […]

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Models for Archer Characters

In a million years, I never would have guessed these were based on real people, but they’re identifiable right down to the ears!   See the Real Models for the Archer Characters — Vulture.

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Shut Up, Leonard

This will only appeal to Community fans, but it’s a good opportunity to remind non-Community fans that you should be Community fans. Six seasons and a movie! “Shut Up, Leonard”: The Community Megamix | Slacktory | This seems legit..

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The Not-So-Newsroom

Aaron Sorkin has a new show, so of course it’ll start off with a “controversy”. For reference: Sports Night, E1: Danny gives an inflammatory pro-cannabis interview to a magazine that tens of thousands read. Fallout ensues. The West Wing, E1: Josh gets into a shouting match with a Republican on a TV show hundreds of […]

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If you aren’t watching Archer  yet, you should be.  It’s by the creators of the equally hilarious and equally insane Frisky Dingo, and is more laugh-a-minute than any show I’ve seen lately, especially when you consider all the background gags they insert for eagle-eyed and pop-cultured types.  Exhibit A, check out the work/jokes involved in […]

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Sterling Archer Draper Pryce

You have to be a pretty big fan of two very underwatched series to get these jokes, but luckily I am.  You got Archer in my Mad Men! You got Mad Men in my Archer! Sterling Archer Draper Pryce.

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After it showed up on a bunch of AV Club writers’ end of year best-ofs, I gave Homeland a try. HOLY CRAP. I’m not a TV viewer who can resist spoilers, usually, but I held off with this show until the last episode, when I was so wracked with tension I had to surrender to […]

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The Voice

I’m catching up on links I meant to Stumble for months, but an extended absence from Firefox (and now, an eternal avoidance of StumbleUpon) left them lingering in my to-do list. A few months ago, a “celebrity” unknown outside Toronto died. Within Toronto, though, everyone knew and loved Mark Dailey: A giant with a deep […]

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Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan: Were not the big buddies people think we are | Culture | The Guardian The waiter brings the wine and pours a little for Coogan to taste. “Yeah, that’s lovely,” he says. “What are you doing with the wine-tasting?” hisses Brydon after the waiter has departed. “When you taste wine you’re not saying whether you like it, you’re saying if it’s not corked.” He illustrates his point, showing […]

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Palins TV series a stage for political future? – Yahoo! News As if I didn’t hate her enough already, imagine my disappointment when I realised the Palin hosting this new TV show was Sarah, not Michael. In a promo for the show with a montage of outdoor scenes, she says, “I’d rather be doing this than in some stuffy old political office” and “I’d rather […]

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