If you aren’t watching Archer  yet, you should be.  It’s by the creators of the equally hilarious and equally insane Frisky Dingo, and is more laugh-a-minute than any show I’ve seen lately, especially when you consider all the background gags they insert for eagle-eyed and pop-cultured types.  Exhibit A, check out the work/jokes involved in Krieger’s vans:

Doctor Kriegers Van is a large 1978 GM G-Series conversion van, similar to the Kidnappers Van except it has a painted mural on the side with the sliding door. The mural is an homage to the band Rush and their Exit…Stage Left album cover.

Inside, Doctor Krieger has a chain steering wheel, two sets of leopard print curtains and heavily tinted black windows. Lana Kane says the van, “is like rolling probable cause,” meaning that police officers wouldnt need much of an excuse to pull the driver over for suspicion. Malory is embarrassed to be in the van, and calls it the “S.S. Date Rape.”

via Kriegers Van – Archer Wiki.

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