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3..2..1.. Liftoff. – Imgur

Can’t. Stop. Watching. 3..2..1.. Liftoff. – Imgur.

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The Kitten Covers

Classic album covers redone with kittens. I have no words. But I have lots of laughs. The Kitten Covers.

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Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions

My cat has slept in the sink, but not like this.  I have something to hope for. 25 Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions: #26-50.

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“How to disguise booze in your Facebook pictures”. Reminds me a lot of this:

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OMGKitty!!!!: Perhaps the greatest thing you will ever see in your life: A scottish fold cat in a lobster costume in a lobster pot! (No animals were harmed in the making of these pictures.)

http://retrolife.typepad.com/katamari/2009/10/perhaps-the-greatest-thing-you-will-ever-see-in-your-life-a-cat-in-a-lobster-costume-in-a-lobster-po.html My Stumbling has become far more plebeian of late. I attributed this to SU’s lack of quality offerings, and not to my declining intelligence as a result of under-employment, but when I find pictures of costumed cats in lobster pots funny, I’m starting to question myself.

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Cat enjoying attention. [VIDEO]

http://www.wimp.com/catattention/ I’m in the throes of an annoying spring cold, and spent last night unable to sleep. To kill some time at 3am, I read through Taaaaasha‘s StumbleBlog, and came across this. Suffice it to say, I revenged myself upon my noisy neighbours with a 5 minute bout of unsuccessfully stifled hysterical laughter. I’m rewatching […]

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East Villagers Remember a Cat Called Pretty Boy – NYTimes.com

http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/20/nyregion/20prettyboy.html A New York neighbourhood mourns one of its most colourful residents. It’s stories like this that make me love the New York Times: He spent his day purring, sprawled on the appointment calendar at the reception desk and in the laps of clients having their hair washed. The cat’s love of hair salons made […]

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Lucy Knisley – Form of… A KITTY!

http://lucylou.livejournal.com/566600.html The Meatloaf is popular with my fatcat.

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http://zootoo.nypost.com/petnews/petcatkeepsorangutanalive-1064 T.K., has brought Tonda back to her own self, providing her with a much-needed friendship zookeepers worried she might never again experience. The orangutan and cat eat together and sleep side-by-side; even when they aren’t playing or cuddling, Tonda always keeps a watchful eye on her friend. They’ve already proven they can use tools […]

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An Engineers Guide to Cats

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHXBL6bzAR4 Funny even if you’re not a cat owner, but downright hilarious if you are.

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