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V-Day: Operation Overload

I normally don’t like comics. The ones drawn by capable artists are poorly written. The best written ones look awful. And in almost all cases the story is so inane or introspective it would fail even more horribly as a short story or novel. But even with all these lowering my expectations, I can confidently […]

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Opinion &62; Image &62;

http://www.nytimes.com/imagepages/2010/09/11/opinion/11lettersimg.html Idiot preachers and calculating politicos have made this year’s 9/11 anniversary even more emotionally draining than the previous ones. Here’s hoping, for one day, they can all put their opinions aside to allow the victims’ family and friends a day to remember.

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The Dead Fly Artwork Of Magnus Muhr

http://io9.com/5531140/the-dead-fly-artwork-of-magnus-muhr/gallery/ I don’t like this, I loooooooove this. There’s something very Far Side-ian about these little comics, though I may just be thinking of Gary Larson’s drosophilia-philia. (Couldn’t resist, sorry.)

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Lucy Knisley – Form of… A KITTY!

http://lucylou.livejournal.com/566600.html The Meatloaf is popular with my fatcat.

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http://www.katebeaton.com/Site/Welcome.html BobbyVardar sent me a link to Kate Beaton’s wonderful, uber-Canadian, history-nerdy webcomics. If I didn’t know that I can’t draw nearly this well, don’t have as good a grasp of history as her, and weigh significantly more, I’d swear I’d drawn these myself. As it stands, I’m pretty sure we were meant to be […]

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