The Not-So-Newsroom

Aaron Sorkin has a new show, so of course it’ll start off with a “controversy”.

For reference:

  • Sports Night, E1: Danny gives an inflammatory pro-cannabis interview to a magazine that tens of thousands read. Fallout ensues.
  • The West Wing, E1: Josh gets into a shouting match with a Republican on a TV show hundreds of thousands watch. Fallout ensues.
  • Studio 60, E1: Judd Nelson goes all Network on a network TV show millions watch. Fallout ensues.
  • The Newsroom, E1: Jeff Daniels yells at a student on a YouTube video watched by tens of millions. Fallout ensues.

It helps to note that the escalation of these histrionics are in reverse ratio to the quality of the shows. Studio 60 was a preachy, sentimental yawnfest, but it was about an SNL type variety show. Imagine how self-righteous Sorkin’s going to be with an imaginary top-rated network news anchor for whom he’s playing God.

I’m skipping this one in favour of Veep. Armando Iannucci wields a mighty pin in his quest to deflate Sorkin-esque egos.

The Newsroom | Coming Distractions | Trailer | The A.V. Club.

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