“I really regret having children”

She regrets having children. And, more so, she has decided that other women ought not to have them, if they know what is good for themselves and for the world. After 13 years of maternal humiliations, she wrote a quick, funny, angry book.

Everywhere you look in France these days, you seem to see its cover: The words NO KID in English, followed by “40 Reasons for Not Having Children” in French. It is a huge bestseller. Her 40 reasons are often funny and personal “Dont become a travelling feeding bottle,” “dont adopt the idiot-language of children” sometimes bitter “you will inevitably be disappointed with your child” and often designed to puncture the idealized notion of motherhood that poisons Western societies.

It is a combination of tart sisterly advice “What hope is there of having a fulfilling sex life when a woman is forced to turn into a fat, deformed animal decked out in sack-like dresses?” with shock-tactic social analysis “More murders and child abuse happen within families than outside them. Every family is a nest of vipers – all the reason not to add to your own”.

Damnit, people are always writing the books I dream up.  🙂

I swear, the older I get, the more faintly my biological clock ticks.

via I really regret it. I really regret having children – The Globe and Mail.

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