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The Not-So-Newsroom

Aaron Sorkin has a new show, so of course it’ll start off with a “controversy”. For reference: Sports Night, E1: Danny gives an inflammatory pro-cannabis interview to a magazine that tens of thousands read. Fallout ensues. The West Wing, E1: Josh gets into a shouting match with a Republican on a TV show hundreds of […]

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TV Writers Must Sell, Sell, Sell

http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,69775,00.html Stumble stolen from the terrifically talented rockstar Gaz. Thumbs-down to the concept of product placement, thumbs-up to Wired for reporting it. I’m a TV snob, preferring most things British not only because of superior writing and acting, but also for the (so far) lack of invasive crap like this. At what point does a […]

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