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The Mason Jar Blender Trick

If you unscrew the base from your blender pitcher, you’ll see that the blade fits perfectly onto a standard (not wide-mouth) mason jar and the base screws on to hold it securely. Fit it onto the blender and blend away! via The Mason Jar Blender Trick: Do You Know About This? — Tips from The […]

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Training Tips

A few months ago, I discovered a surprisingly rabid online fan base advocating the technique. One devotee calls the movement “chewdaism.” Members tell you to chew 100 times. They post how-to-chew videos on YouTube. They cite the grandfather of chomping theory, a 19th-century health guru named Horace Fletcher, who counted John Rockefeller and Franz Kafka […]

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Never get lost in a city again

Paris and Rome notwithstanding, I normally can’t navigate my way around even my own city.  These tips will probably help anyone who isn’t me, though. Happy trails! From earliest times, religious buildings and sacred sites have been laid out to give clues as to direction. Christian churches are normally aligned west-east, with the main altar […]

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Kitchen SOS

One of my foodiest friends (and trust me, in my circle this is saying something) posted this on Facebook the other day.  I’m guilty of a lot of these kitchen crimes, though some unwittingly so.  If you spend any time at all on your cooking, these tips are worth a look. 8. You don’t know […]

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Ze Sniffles – Miracle Cure!*

*OK, it’s only temporary, but even a temporary relief from these damn sneezes and snuffles is welcome. When I first clicked on this link from my Google search, I had one of those “Oh no! Back! Back! Back” reactions; I’d caught “mind-energy” out of the corner of my eye, and assumed it’d be one of […]

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Lightbulb Moment

I’m St Teresa, there. The cherub is this tutorial on slicing and exporting Photoshop images to websites. The arrow is the almost throwaway mention at the end of saving to web AS HTML AND IMAGES. Teresa’s look of mingled shock and orgasmic ecstasy is bang on, and I had some Hallelujah Chorus thrown in as […]

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Car Buying Tips

Yet another reason to love the Internet: Free, helpful tips from OCD stats geeks. If you’re considering a car purchase, you might want to read this treatise first. If you’re broke like us but still really like performance and leather interiors, consider getting a luxury car that’s 5-6 years old. More luxury owners want newer […]

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Bookstore Wisdom

This list of “25 Things I Learned from Opening a Bookstore” is delightful. Most are self-evident, but only once you read them – these are the kinds of things to which one doesn’t usually give a lot of thought. (Unless one is a bookseller.) My faves: 1. People are getting rid of bookshelves. Treat the […]

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Handy Household Tips

I opened this list of household tips expecting to have seen most of them before, or for them to be underwhelming. Pleasant surprise, then, to find some genuinely inventive and useful (if limited) ideas. The cookie cups, shower cap, and bed linen ideas, especially, were light-bulb moments. http://www.thedailybuzz.com.au/2011/11/25-clever-ideas_household-tips_storage-ideas/#.Tt1VPkGcswh.facebook

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5 foods its cheaper to grow – MSN Money

http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/SavingandDebt/SaveMoney/5FoodsItsCheaperToGrow.aspx A good primer for first-time gardeners, who are unsure of what to grow. Admittedly, I still want to plant potatoes (specialty fingerlings, anyway) just to be able to say I’ve grown them, but they’re bang on about the other “cheaper to buy” crops. If you really want a return on your garden investment, plant […]

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