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The Majesty of Nature

Not every photo taken by the professionals turns out how they expect. This series of goofy nature photos is well worth a look. 2016 Finalists Source: 2016 Finalists :: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – Conservation through Competition

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Art is Everywhere

This lovely Matisse-like image is actually an electron micrograph of the ebola virus.  Something awful can be surprisingly beautiful. File:Ebola virus virion.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Color Photos of Early 1900s Paris

Paris being virtually unchanged from the turn of last century, these photos look almost like Photoshopped, Instagrammed modern pics.  This one’s my fave: A dreamlike shot of the Grand Palais filled with old-timey balloons and planes, which of course were cutting edge technology at the time. Extremely Rare Color Photography of Early 1900s Paris « […]

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“Blow Job”

This photographer’s artwork – totally SFW despite the title – involves slamming his portrait subjects with a high powered fan.  The results are terrific and slightly terrifying. Tadao Cern’s wind-in-the-face blow-job series (PHOTOS)..

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My favourite historical period was documented in daguerrotypes and silver plate photography, so I relished the ability to filter my own photos into the 1860s. This is a handy little step by step for Photoshop users. Quick Tip: Create Your Own Daguerreotype in Photoshop.

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Star Trails

Hey Don Pettit, stop hogging all the awesome. When he is not flying around Earth at about 18,000 miles per hour, out on space-walks or performing weird zero-gravity experiments, astronaut Don Pettit takes some of the most astounding space photos to date. The images, which look straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey, as has […]

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Slit Scan Photos

Super creepy abstract photography of a human body in motion. For some reason, this makes me think of a werewolf on the run.   Metamorphose: Surreal Slit Scan Photos of a Human Body in Nature.

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Crazy Portraits

Jason who is a wedding photographer started taking photos of his two little daughters back in 2006 when his mom was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The girls were constantly sick, with colds and coughs so he couldn’t always bring them to visit their grandmother. Jason wanted her to be able to see her granddaughters without […]

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Space Madness

I don’t fly.  The thought of being cooped up in a tin can 10000 feet in the air makes me hyperventilate.  This woman is showing the effect of claustrophobia and overoxygenation, too: To pass the time during long flights, artist Nina Katchadourian goes to the lavatory, adorns herself in tissue paper costume, and creates hilarious […]

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Instruments from Inside

Stunning photography from inside symphonic instruments.  This (I presume?) violin looks like an avant-garde concert hall. ART DIRECTION: INSTRUMENTS FROM INSIDE on the Behance Network.

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