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Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, Redux

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Head-Smashed-In_Buffalo_Jump buffalo jumps on trampilene00370 – YouTube.

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List of chess-related deaths

It’s official. Wikipedia has everything you could possibly want to know. List of chess-related deaths – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Call Him Maybe

I love anyone who has enough time on their hands to come up with this stuff. And that includes Carly Rae Jepsen. (Seriously, I love this song.) Obama Sings Call Me Maybe | Happy Place.

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Myths, Legends, and Famous Red Hair

My red hair isn’t something to which I’d given much thought before I visited “gingerist” Britain. The bizarre hostility I encountered there was eye opening.  This article covers redhead facts, and while I’m not keen on the writing style, some of the trivia is pretty cool. Russian tradition declares that red hair is both a […]

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Added Drama

OMG. This is hilarious. via A DRAMATIC SURPRISE ON A QUIET SQUARE – YouTube.

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Space Madness

I don’t fly.  The thought of being cooped up in a tin can 10000 feet in the air makes me hyperventilate.  This woman is showing the effect of claustrophobia and overoxygenation, too: To pass the time during long flights, artist Nina Katchadourian goes to the lavatory, adorns herself in tissue paper costume, and creates hilarious […]

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Bean Duped

Favomancy is a form of divination that used to be practised by seers in Russia, in particular, among the Ubykh. The practice involves throwing beans on the ground and interpreting the patterns in which the beans fall; it is therefore a type of cleromancy. Russian methods of favomancy may still exist; however, since the departure […]

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Fart Scrolls

I was doing research for another post a while back, and found something a bit…unusual. It was an old Japanese scroll about farting. No, you didn’t misread that last sentence. I’d make a crack* about my own historical research being far less interesting, but I did once read Gargantua and Pantagruel, so I’d be lying. […]

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When you gotta go, don’t count on going at Starbucks. The caffeine king, with 190 locations in Manhattan alone, has been steadily closing some of its restrooms. “Starbucks cannot be the public bathroom in the city anymore,” said a source familiar with the company’s New York plans. “They are not eliminating bathrooms, but feeling the […]

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http://www.uniquedaily.com/snails-timelapse/ Frannyy sent me this lovely little timelapse, but I can’t help thinking it would’ve been even better with “Rawhide” playing as the soundtrack. The snails remind me of prairie schooners.

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