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Robert Gleadow

I got to see Cosi fan Tutte last night, and was immediately impressed by the singer performing Guglielmo.  His charisma and long hair seemed familiar, and when I researched my suspicions today I was correct in remembering him from the COC’s La Boheme 10 years ago, where he stole the show as Colline.  Nice surprise […]

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Nick Offerman at the AV Club

A really lovely interview with Nick Offerman, whose show I’ve yet to see but whose character has gone viral enough to recognise. He’s an interesting, thoughtful, genuine and unusual guy. I wish him all of the success in the world. The other reason I don’t worry is that I am the luckiest guy working in […]

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Added Drama

OMG. This is hilarious. via A DRAMATIC SURPRISE ON A QUIET SQUARE – YouTube.

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Mel & Dave

Only David Letterman could host Mel Blanc (and all of his audible entourage) and look this bored.  I’ve never understood Letterman’s appeal – he’s a bitchy, unhappy, unfunny guy.  Luckily Mel Blanc is fun, funny and charming. You almost forget the guy in the suit isn’t there. via Mel Blanc’s cartoon voices VIDEO – YouTube.

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Dame Edna to Retire

Barry Humphries is hanging up the rhinestone specs. I used to love staying up late to howl at the Dame Edna shows, so I find this sad news, but as Barry is almost 80 I suppose we can grant him some rest. This is just one of Everage’s comedic techniques, which have occasionally spurred controversy, […]

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Kenneth Colley – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Here’s a fun fact for Star Wars and Monty Python fans (read: my fellow nerds) – it seems Admiral Piett played Jesus in Life of Brian! I have nothing to add to this. For us nerds, that’s all we need.

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Running Cause I Cant Fly: The Story of Susan Boyle More Susan Boyle stuff. She’s flooding the Internet (and, because of this, the traditional media too) but as far as I’m concerned, it’s 47 years of accumulated, overdue attention, plus late fees and interest. The majority of the press is focused on her looks, which grows tiresome. What I found more shocking was the […]

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Larry Hagman – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Weirdest sentence of the week: In 1967, Peter Fonda supplied [Larry Hagman] with LSD at a new year Rangers-Celtic match

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(Untitled);_ylt=Av9ntyV1bWrF6Q65fqRg1P4E1vAI Oscar-winner Charlton Heston dies at 84 Charlton Heston is cold and dead. Let the gun-prying begin!

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The Death of Heath Ledger – I had started a post after Brad Renfro died, saying that I thought this might be the Year of the Dead Celebrity. I nixed the posting in case I was perceived to be starting off 2008 on the wrong foot (as did Brad Renfro – *ahem*). With Heath Ledger apparently topping himself today, though, […]

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