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Leafs vs. Habs

It’s the torch, le flambeau, that is tangibly passed from generation to generation of Habs greats, theirs to hold high. It works both literally and figuratively. While Leaf front office types have grumbled for years that the Habs hijacked In Flanders Fields to get their hands on that torch, the Leafs have tried various copy-cat […]

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TTC announces new personal subway cars

Some great April Fools pranking by the TTC.  (You can tell it’s a prank because the car isn’t filled to crushing with other passengers, and appears not to be stuck, motionless, between tunnels.) In response to concerns about passengers clipping their finger nails, eating food and putting their feet on seats while riding crowded subway […]

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Camelburger and Fries to Go

Torontonians are getting an even more diverse taste of the exotic with eateries now offering everything from camel burgers to kangaroo meat. Whitehouse Meats in Toronto offers camel meat for home consumption. It’s a staple in many parts of the world including North Africa, the Middle East and parts of Europe. It’s touted as healthier […]

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Monkey Found at Toronto Ikea

Animal control came to collect a monkey from a Toronto Ikea store on Sunday, after the animal was spotted in the parking lot… “It must be somebody’s pet because he was wearing a jacket,” the spokesperson said, referring to the monkey, which was wearing a miniature, brown, shearling-type jacket. Ikea shopping in a shearling jacket. […]

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Don Valley Parkway Rainbow

Growing up, the rainbow tunnel was the most recognisable “almost home” landmark en route from downtown. I always wondered how it had come to be there, and where it actually was. Walking through a city nature preserve near my home last year, I stumbled across it and was giddy at the realisation. Hooray for small […]

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The Bull in Toronto’s China Shop

Christopher Hume excoriates Rob Ford, who continues his trend of doing exactly the wrong thing in any given situation. It’s shameful and embarrassing that our world-class city has to be led by this village-class idiot for the next few years. Claiming to speak for some mythical man in the street, those he meets at Tim […]

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Take The Car

It had been a decade since I used the Toronto Transit Commission for my commute, and boy did those 10 years see a huge decline in service. The current system lacks customer service and schedule regimentation. Routes have been cut back and inspection has fallen by the wayside. It’s common to wait 20 minutes for […]

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Family, Valued – Torontoist

http://torontoist.com/2009/06/family_valued.php I’ve been playing co-host to an Australian tourist for the past few days, and it’s got me thinking a lot about my home and native land of Toronto. I make no bones about feeling like it’s a “home away from home” where Paris is concerned, but there are certain aspects of life here that […]

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Toronto News

http://www.blogto.com/city/2007/11/the_force_was_with_them_maybe_too_much_force/ A Toronto lightsabre fight – one of many weirdly-themed public parties (cf. pillow fights and bubble blowing) that have made our bland city a little less staid recently. I was indisposed in Europe when this occurred, or else… Well, I probably still wouldn’t have gone. But I could’ve laughed at this awesome picture earlier! […]

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http://www.tomapster.com/ Another one for the Toronto crowd – this one an absolute barnburner. It calculates and maps any route you’ll take than involves public transit, and includes the calculations and maps for sections you’ll have to walk. An incredible resource for disoriented types like me who can never make heads nor tails of transit route […]

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