TTC announces new personal subway cars

Some great April Fools pranking by the TTC.  (You can tell it’s a prank because the car isn’t filled to crushing with other passengers, and appears not to be stuck, motionless, between tunnels.)

In response to concerns about passengers clipping their finger nails, eating food and putting their feet on seats while riding crowded subway cars, the Toronto Transit Commission announced new “personal subway cars” on Monday.

Aboard these subway cars passengers are free to occupy extra seats, play music at top volume and engage in loud, annoying cellphone conversations.The TTC released a YouTube video Monday with spokesperson Brad Ross and chief customer officer Chris Upfold demonstrating the features of the new cars by riding with their feet up on vacant seats as they chew through a tub of fried chicken.

“We’re going to address a whole slate of customer complaints with this one single innovation,” Upfold says in the video. “On all of our trains there will be a single car that people can think of as their personal space. And on that car, they can do anything they want and ignore all the people around them.”A key component of the personal car, according to the TTC, is the ability for customers to clip their nails as they ride along.“There’s no point in having a personal car if you can’t do your personal grooming in public,” said Upfold.

via TTC announces new personal subway cars – Toronto – CBC News.

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