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Take The Car

It had been a decade since I used the Toronto Transit Commission for my commute, and boy did those 10 years see a huge decline in service. The current system lacks customer service and schedule regimentation. Routes have been cut back and inspection has fallen by the wayside. It’s common to wait 20 minutes for […]

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robsheldon.com: Hello, world.

http://robsheldon.com/giving-up-on-google Kudos to Rob Sheldon for J’Accuse-ing Google on its increasingly spotty offerings. I was an early convert to the search tool, loved Images, preferred Maps to Mapquest, and still tell all my n00b-ier friends about Docs, but the truth is that they’ve started to feel very much like Al Qaeda: Lots of little groups […]

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Pachelbel Rant

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdxkVQy7QLM One guy’s crusade against Pachebel’s Canon, with modern musical accompaniment. This comedy bit is so beautifully timed, you get the impression it was written as sheet music.

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