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robsheldon.com: Hello, world.

http://robsheldon.com/giving-up-on-google Kudos to Rob Sheldon for J’Accuse-ing Google on its increasingly spotty offerings. I was an early convert to the search tool, loved Images, preferred Maps to Mapquest, and still tell all my n00b-ier friends about Docs, but the truth is that they’ve started to feel very much like Al Qaeda: Lots of little groups […]

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WHERE’S COOL? – Budget travel reviews of indie and authentic bars, restaurants, neighborhoods, hostels, hotels, coffee shops, record shops and more.

http://www.wherescool.com/ Travel recommendations submitted by hipsters. As you’d guess from the title, a tag cloud would show the word “cool” as the most-used term on this site. The reviews are even shallower than that warning indicates. Useful if only so I know where not to go.

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http://www.streetlevel.com/2009/05/29/the-vader-project/ Crappy website showcasing some witty designs. I really want to know who did the cartoony one with the Imperial officers in their little sunken control space – that is a terrific piece.

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http://www.vetocorleone.com/2009/04/12-pictures-of-presidents-with-queen.html This is the kind of page that keeps me at a low-level fume. Interesting to see how long the old girl has been kicking around, but the photos are arranged in – at best – an inconsistently alphabetized way (with Reagan at the top of the order). It’s a historical list; God forbid they […]

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Izismile.com – Daily picdump (86 pics)

http://izismile.com/2009/03/24/daily_picdump_86_pics.html “Picdump”. What an accurate name for such crappy websites. Seriously, I hate photoblogs, but at least there they make an effort. Themeless and lazy websites don’t do much for me.

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Making Movies: Beyond the Call of Duty | Cinemaroll

http://www.cinemaroll.com/Cinemarolling/Making-Movies-Beyond-the-Call-of-Duty.456075 Crappy list of actors who went “Beyond the Call of Duty” in preparing for screen roles, by doing things such as eating bugs or doing patrol rounds with cops. Not quite as beyond the call as weight gains/losses such as those of DeNiro’s or Bale’s (unworthy of listing, apparently) or the go-big-or-go-home action of […]

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The A.V. Club

http://avclub.com/ An unpleasant, early-onset theme for 2009 seems to be redesigns of my favourite websites. First StumbleUpon threatens to out-Facebook Facebook, now the AV Club has determined that what it was really missing was lots more white and lots more space, and – oh yes – lots more whitespace. Who decides upon these “modern” layouts? […]

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http://www.clerkdogs.com/ Claims to find movies to your taste. A search for Elizabeth brings up Elizabeth I, Elizabeth R, and, er, Elizabethtown. I may have cracked their algorithm…

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http://www.homeinsurance.org.uk/wacky-buildings.html Another useless list of poorly researched “neat stuff!!!” (Frank Gehry’s Canadian-born. Lose 10 points.)

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Brisbane Times – Brisbane News, Queensland News &World News

http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/ KristenLColby and I have been having a back-and-forth about a story posted on the Brisbane Times website. I’d never heard of this paper before, but a quick look at the “featured headlines” reveals it to be journalism of a deep ochre hue. I thought it was a News Corp. holding, but Wikipedia says it […]

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