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StumbleUpon.com: Personalized Recommendations to Help You Discover the Best of the Web

http://bumapples.stumbleupon.com/review/25068978/ I second BumApples’ comments here – I “ran out of Stumbles” the other week, and since then I’ve been assaulted with page upon page of crap, which invariably turns out to be sponsored. I am a dues-paying SU “sponsor”* and my “show sponsored stumbles” is unchecked. Why am I being shown ads? (I’d ask […]

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http://foodproof.com/blogs/view/post/100-things-you-should-eat-before-246 The first part of this “100 Things to Eat Before You Die” list includes venison (ick, hack, barf) and head cheese (ickier, hackier, barfier), which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone, though an actual recommendation or explanation therefore hasn’t been provided by the author, either. One of the later, equally stupid suggestions is “Scotch Bonnet […]

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Very Bored – Great place to be when you are bored – Animals No Larger Than Finger

http://very-bored.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=88&Itemid=1 Note to Stumblers: I loathe sites like this. A page full of “animals smaller than a finger” has the potential to be interesting, if you were to identify said animals and include a bit of background as to their quirks. Instead, we’re given cutesy photos with no context, and a series of inane comments […]

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About.com: Need. Know. Accomplish.

http://about.com/ I’ve been trolling About.com’s wealth of small business articles and tips. They’re actually quite helpful, but the helpfulness is undone by About’s reprehensible coding; Clicking on a link takes you to the page you want, but About’s digital meathooks anchor a banner to the top, and the page URL is sheathed in an About […]

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http://www.virgin-vacations.com/site_vv/101-things-to-do-in-paris.asp StumbleUpon heard my heart throbbing after dreaming of a smoke-free Paris, and presented me with this list of 100 Things To Do while in the city. A sample: 1. Indulge your intellect with the appreciation of art at the world’s most visited art museum, The Louvre. 2. Take one of the most magnificent photographs […]

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http://www.wdcs.co.uk/media/flash/whalebanner/content_de.html This is the FOURTH time today I’ve been “denied content” because my Flash player is disabled. Which begs the questions: Why do people insist on using Flash for their websites? and Why is Stumble feeding me this stuff even though I have unchecked the Flash option in my preferences? I’m less concerned about the […]

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vai avanti .com by rafa&l rozendaal, 2006

http://www.vaiavanti.com/ You need to upgrade your Flash player No, you need to make your page more accessible. Thumbs down on principle, but an extra dash of contempt for the fuschia background.

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http://www.stumbleupon.com/new_layout.php The “Beta” (soon to be standard, I bet) looks like it was cribbed from Facebook, and the new themes example is pink. In the words of my 2-year old cousin, who was presented with shoes when he wanted toys, “NO LIKE“!

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http://iminlikewithyou.com/protected I read about this on one or another of the “cool hunter” type blogs, and that alone should’ve been fair warning. The conceit (and, oh, what a mot juste) was interesting at first: You create a “game” (really just a question) and people bid points to answer it, whoever you crown as “winner” gets […]

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YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.

http://www.youtube.com/ In the past week, I’ve signed up for two of the web’s best-known media-sharing services: Flickr and YouTube. Unfortunately, I started with Flickr, which is smart and efficient, and posed only a few frustrations in its use. This makes arriving to YouTube very hard to stomach; man, what a crappy site! For a site […]

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