I read about this on one or another of the “cool hunter” type blogs, and that alone should’ve been fair warning. The conceit (and, oh, what a mot juste) was interesting at first: You create a “game” (really just a question) and people bid points to answer it, whoever you crown as “winner” gets added to your contact list. The creators claim their goal is witty and fun answers, but in order to ramp up the hype, the site is invite-only. Invite only, in the Web 2.0 universe, means the site is overrun with hipsters, so the “games” are all incredibly lame and the sparkling repartee generally involves a lot of lame, overtly sexual overtones, and copious use of the phrase “no fat chicks”. As if to further snuff out any potential intelligence, the answers are limited to 30 characters, when everyone knows the scientifically-proven minimum for wit is 37…

Avoid like the hipster plague it is.

A Fat Chick

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