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http://www.mikenagle.com/ Average photography, presented in a user-unfriendly style, with a pop-up full of

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The A.V. Club

http://avclub.com/ An unpleasant, early-onset theme for 2009 seems to be redesigns of my favourite websites. First StumbleUpon threatens to out-Facebook Facebook, now the AV Club has determined that what it was really missing was lots more white and lots more space, and – oh yes – lots more whitespace. Who decides upon these “modern” layouts? […]

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YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.

http://www.youtube.com/ In the past week, I’ve signed up for two of the web’s best-known media-sharing services: Flickr and YouTube. Unfortunately, I started with Flickr, which is smart and efficient, and posed only a few frustrations in its use. This makes arriving to YouTube very hard to stomach; man, what a crappy site! For a site […]

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High School Friends, Yearbooks, Reunions, Nostalgia | Classmates.com

http://www.classmates.com/ The spam-happy jerks at Classmates.com have really got a lot to learn about drawing people in to want to use a service. I’m peppered with email telling me “someone visited my profile!”, or “someone left you a message!”, but upon logging in I’m immediately beset upon by the registration hounds. There’s no opportunity to […]

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LHistoire par limage

http://www.histoire-image.org/ I gave this site an immediate thumbs-up, and indeed was impressed with the thought of being able to scroll by year and learn about contemporary social and political factors. If only any of the links on the photo I selected were working. Hugely disappointing.

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