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The spam-happy jerks at Classmates.com have really got a lot to learn about drawing people in to want to use a service. I’m peppered with email telling me “someone visited my profile!”, or “someone left you a message!”, but upon logging in I’m immediately beset upon by the registration hounds. There’s no opportunity to see even the name of the person who left me a message; they’re demanding $5 a month for that privilege. Memory says that there’s no one from my former schools that I care enough about to pay that fee, and without even the tease of a name I’m happy to go on believing that. (Besides, you just know that, upon signing up, they’ll automatically deduct the $5 for every month thereafter under the guise of helpfulness.) Besides which, who’s to say the mesage isn’t just spam? Probably Classmates.com-induced spam; they’re good at that.

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