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KristenLColby and I have been having a back-and-forth about a story posted on the Brisbane Times website. I’d never heard of this paper before, but a quick look at the “featured headlines” reveals it to be journalism of a deep ochre hue. I thought it was a News Corp. holding, but Wikipedia says it was actually created to compete with the local Murdoch rag, which probably looks like the Guardian compared to this trash. Suggested masthead motto: “Plumbing the depths for common denominators”.

# Dead woman ‘really into weird sex’
# Tests clear hotel of ‘faeces sundae’
# Balcony fall: tragic end to budding love story
# ‘I shook him, he went limp’*
# Giant ‘deformed penis’ flower** in bloom
# Students forced to have sex before naked plunge”

* Shaken baby syndrome, cunningly disguised as a smutty headline.
** Notice the literal translation of the scientific name for “Corpse flower”. I wouldn’t have guessed that the staff could write English, never mind read Latin, but there it is. Perhaps their corpse-headline quota is filled for the week, and they felt the need to go with something more titillating?

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