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Leafs vs. Habs

It’s the torch, le flambeau, that is tangibly passed from generation to generation of Habs greats, theirs to hold high. It works both literally and figuratively. While Leaf front office types have grumbled for years that the Habs hijacked In Flanders Fields to get their hands on that torch, the Leafs have tried various copy-cat […]

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Richard Riot – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Riot I made a passing mention of the Richard Riot in an earlier post, but it occurs to me that it’s worth posting on its own. Canada is a funny country when it comes to our unofficial national sport. Those of other nationalities joke that it preoccupies us far more than it should, but it […]

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Print Story – canada.com network

http://www.canada.com/components/print.aspx?id=aac3ae0d-73fb-49bd-b312-eaade74a0497&k=96118 Jack Todd’s features are as engaging as I expected. Really worth a read, even if you don’t know the individuals he mentions. (Hint, hint: it’s a good way to learn about them!) Here, he writes up one of my favourites (blogged about many, many times), Jean Beliveau, in a way that encapsulates my own […]

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NHL Hall of Fame goaltender Worsley passes away at age 77

http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/story.html?id=a9b0f9a5-7b21-4dec-89b6-1bfed58007b8&k=46884 A disappointingly perfunctory obituary of one of the league’s great characters, goalie Gump Worsley, by another of its great characters, sports writer Red Fisher. Fisher’s a sportswriting legend; he’s still telling it like it is fifty years after his first game – the infamous night that started the Richard riot. A better summation of […]

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