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Jack Todd’s features are as engaging as I expected. Really worth a read, even if you don’t know the individuals he mentions. (Hint, hint: it’s a good way to learn about them!)

Here, he writes up one of my favourites (blogged about many, many times), Jean Beliveau, in a way that encapsulates my own awe and respect for the man.

Seriously, go read these articles – they’re fantastic.

Special? We run out of adjectives when it comes to Beliveau. The man is remarkable, extraordinary, singular. It is inaccurate to describe Beliveau as a classy individual: he is class, the consummate gentleman, everything we might wish to be if we could begin life again and do everything right this time.

Every time we publish a story on Beliveau, it calls forth another wave of anecdotes from dazzled or grateful fans who recall some act of support, selflessness or kindness from the great man. There must be times when he is feeling tired, or ill, or when he simply doesn’t want to be bothered. But to my knowledge there has never been a time when an overly pushy fan has provoked Beliveau into behaving with anything other than the warm, courtly courtesy he bestows equally upon everyone from star players to the youngest fan.

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