The Bull in Toronto’s China Shop

Christopher Hume excoriates Rob Ford, who continues his trend of doing exactly the wrong thing in any given situation. It’s shameful and embarrassing that our world-class city has to be led by this village-class idiot for the next few years.

Claiming to speak for some mythical man in the street, those he meets at Tim Hortons and McDonald’s, Ford first declared city council “irrelevant,” and now wants to emasculate the bureaucracy.

How ironic that Ford’s petulance should be directed at a person, Gary Webster, whose integrity and intelligence are above reproach. The contrast between the two men couldn’t be starker.

That Ford can still find five members of council willing to do his bidding, no matter how transparently shabby it may be, also speaks volumes about the sorry state of Toronto politics. The members of this odious quintet — TTC commissioners Norm Kelly, Denzil Minnan-Wong, Frank Di Giorgio, Cesar Palacio and Vincent Crisanti — shame all Torontonians, including the mayor.

The message to City Hall management, and indirectly to the rest of us, is that it’s Ford’s way or the highway. There’s no room for discussion, compromise or consensus. Indeed, Ford and his TTC heavies have even gone so far as to suppress reports that don’t back up their demands.

Nobody voted for Rob Ford because he’s the smartest man in town, but his failure to understand that truth — facts and figures — plays a role in decision-making is deeply concerning.–christopher-hume-toronto-loses-if-rob-ford-wins-showdown-with-ttc-chair-gary-webster

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