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I’ve been playing co-host to an Australian tourist for the past few days, and it’s got me thinking a lot about my home and native land of Toronto. I make no bones about feeling like it’s a “home away from home” where Paris is concerned, but there are certain aspects of life here that make me fiercely proud of being a Torontonian.

Toronto lacks the flash of Vancouver, or the fashion of Montreal; It can sometimes feel a bit boring to those accustomed to its sights. The stuff that really makes us a World Class City isn’t something that’s easily summed up in travel guides or quickly absorbed during a flying visit.

I think we can safely say we’re the most thriving multicultural city in the world* – something I really missed while in racially-tense Paris or racially-monotonous Scotland.

It has also been an incredible experience to witness the social changes that have taken place in the city over the last 20 years, particularly with regards to our gay community. Toronto was traditionally an uptight Orange city, but not only has the citizenry embraced our enormous Pride parade, our adoption agencies now happily arrange matches for gay singles and couples.

I wonder if Toronto’s ingrained blas

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