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Dine | Paris: Chez le Libanais

http://www.parisdise.com/taste/dine_paris/6e/libanais.htm If any of you find yourself in Paris in the near future, be sure to stop in at this almost-literal hole in the wall on St Andr

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cheapeats toronto – Torontos best-selling restaurant guide to good quality, high value meals

http://www.cheapeatstoronto.com/ BumApples‘s curry quest has put me in mind of my friend Alexa’s pet project, the Cheap Eats series. She’s been plugging away at this for years, now, and is now the proud parent of three bouncing baby city restaurant guides. As a dedicated miser, I refuse to eat out unless I know that my […]

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Toronto News

http://www.blogto.com/city/2007/11/the_force_was_with_them_maybe_too_much_force/ A Toronto lightsabre fight – one of many weirdly-themed public parties (cf. pillow fights and bubble blowing) that have made our bland city a little less staid recently. I was indisposed in Europe when this occurred, or else… Well, I probably still wouldn’t have gone. But I could’ve laughed at this awesome picture earlier! […]

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Cleaning Service Directory | Commercial | Residential

http://www.imaidcafe.com/ I don’t have much to say about this weird little cosplay/fetish themed restaurant, because I’m too stunned by its location. This is just down the street from my work, in one of the more boring, industrial parts of Scarborough – which is one of the more boring, industrial parts of Toronto. I have no […]

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Flying Wedge Pizza – Home

http://www.flyingwedge.com/ Best pizza I’ve ever had, though they still haven’t opened a location outside BC!

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