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White-Out News

I’ve blogged about this before, but seriously – check out White-Out News.  It’s like a chicken and egg conundrum over whether the goofy guy who makes it is huffing too much white-out vapour, or if the vapour is what made him goofy in the first place. White-Out News.

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Oh No Robot

A friend brought Oh No Robot to my attention when I was flailingly describing a webcomic I’d found funny. It indexes the text of comics and makes them searchable. Not a heavily-used tool, really, but good to know it’s there. http://www.ohnorobot.com

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The Journal Comic

http://www.drewweing.com/journalcomic?date=20020430 Jeez, one mention of The Journal Comic and I find myself dragged back into its clutches. Drew hasn’t drawn this for years, but the archive is available for browsing. Highly recommended for anyone – like me – who appreciates the small moments in life, yet who abandons them all willingly for hours to play […]

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Sort of a Diary(?)

http://squawkyelo.livejournal.com/ This is the girlfriend of one of my favourite web-comic artists, Drew Weing, and she’s an artist and nerd supreme in her own right. Between dark and foreboding comics, she often creates mind-blowingly whimsical art and toys. Her blog is a lot of fun to read for the same dark/whimsy contrast, albeit the dark […]

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akimbocomicss favorite websites – StumbleUpon

http://akimbocomics.stumbleupon.com/ A newbie, but with lots of promise. He’s already compiled a great resource of webcomics and illustrations worth investigating. Worth checking out!

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