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Editorial Calendar

This post won’t appeal to most, but for those who use WordPress to blog it might make a huge difference. WordPress is very good at some things, and poor at others. I’ve become a Press This! user, but its inability to schedule posts means I have a buildup of drafts to sort through and schedule. […]

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http://www.pandemian.com/ GreenFairy has moved and renamed her blog, but the content remains satisfyingly fresh and enviable (though less in content than in her fabulous, witty writing). Here’s one of the many, many reasons I keep coming back:

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LifeRemix | Great writing about great lives

http://liferemix.net/ This is a handy little website that collates feeds from some of the web’s best productivity/life-hack blogs. I’ve never been able to find a single blog that covers all the areas that interest me, so it’s nice to have a list from which to browse. The irony is that you could easily kill your […]

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Painfully Hip: Fashion-Forward Finds for the Weak of Wallet

http://www.painfullyhip.com/ I am no fan of fashion, nor am I terribly fond of the fashionistas who buy into the hype, but this site’s mistress sounds like she’d be less of a haughty-snob coathanger than a fun and knowledgeable thrift-store shopping companion.

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Sort of a Diary(?)

http://squawkyelo.livejournal.com/ This is the girlfriend of one of my favourite web-comic artists, Drew Weing, and she’s an artist and nerd supreme in her own right. Between dark and foreboding comics, she often creates mind-blowingly whimsical art and toys. Her blog is a lot of fun to read for the same dark/whimsy contrast, albeit the dark […]

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Sinister Bedfellows – Sunday , August 16 , 2009

http://mckenzee.comicgenesis.com/ Sinister Bedfellows is my favourite of the photo-webcomics out there. It’s not as Dark as A Softer World, and there’s a pleasant mix of foreboding and laugh-inducing strips that make it a great joy to check regularly; you never know what you’ll get.

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http://longayelander.blogspot.com/ Fun blog written by an American living in “the most violent city in the developed world.” (a.k.a. Glasgow, where my family tree is firmly – possibly violently – rooted.) You need a healthy sense of humour if you’re to live amongst the Scots, for they have no mercy on those who can’t take a […]

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Heralds reviews – StumbleUpon

http://herald.stumbleupon.com/review/6761554/ Lincoln tries to further his hip-hop cred with Tad and Willie. Thanks, etc., to Herald for the pic.

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Boing Boing: Now this liquid/gel does seem worth a TSA ban.

http://www.boingboing.net/2006/10/18/now_this_liquidgel_d.html Suddenly the War on Terror actually seems winnable.

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http://www.lafargeecosystems.com/main/blog.php Owen and Mzee have a blog. You probably know them better as the famous ancient tortoise/orphaned baby hippo pairing that broke hearts across the world after the tsunami. Turns out they’re still together, which is sweet, and have some other zoo companions who are also blog stars. Below is hippo pal Cleo, in what […]

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