Sort of a Diary(?)

This is the girlfriend of one of my favourite web-comic artists, Drew Weing, and she’s an artist and nerd supreme in her own right. Between dark and foreboding comics, she often creates mind-blowingly whimsical art and toys. Her blog is a lot of fun to read for the same dark/whimsy contrast, albeit the dark side generally reads as low self esteem mixed with self-awareness of said low self esteem. I particularly liked this example:

I also finally worked up the nerve to go to the volunteer orientation at the Co-Op, and the guy there acted all sweet and stoned and he was reading Wimbledon Green and I thought, “I can handle this.” My first day is Tuesday. Plus I spent the evening doing research and found a $3 life-drawing class, and thought about getting involved with either Habitat for Humanity or a soup kitchen, and most excitingly I found A WOODCARVING GROUP where once a week a bunch of woodcarvers get together and woodcarve together!!! I’m hoping the woodcarving group will all be old men, and my Hydrobics class will all be old ladies, and I can be a go-between, carrying love letters and gossip!

Anyway, in short, I’m normally a potatoey sort of person who just sits around all the time, and I’m intrigued by the idea of all this ‘community involvement’ jazz. We’ll see how it works out. Probably by next month I’ll be going nuts because all the hydro ladies and woodcarving men are rabid republicans and I single-handedly screwed up the habitat house and the hobos don’t like my soup and the Co-op kids won’t talk to me because I’m not groovy enough. But we’ll see.

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