Hollywood blames Canada for half of movie piracy


Canada is under attack for its “lax” copyright laws. Meaning that we don’t have airport-like security* in our movie theatres and our courts aren’t clogged with frivolous, high-fine lawsuits designed as publicity stunts. They claim this is all to curb movie piracy, but check out this threat from 20th Century Fox:

Jacob said he was warned in a letter from Bruce Snyder, president of Fox’s domestic distribution, that if Canada doesn’t do something to curb its growing piracy problem, Hollywood will.

“They are definitely thinking about delaying releases in Canada,” said Jacob.

Really, it’s like watching the dinosaurs die out. Except I’m not sure the original dinosaurs had any choice in the matter – these idiots are skipping towards the tar pits.

* Ironically, neither do most airports.

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