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Blurred Lines Gets a Feminist Response

I won’t lie – I love Blurred Lines.  That said, I’m also happy to see this response video.  The ridiculousness of the nekkid chicks strutting around becomes all the more evident when it’s guys in tighty whiteys. Robin Thickes Blurred Lines Gets the Feminist Response It Deserves.

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  My generation, spoiled by the advances of those who went before us, lost our grip on feminism’s banner. I’m grateful to this site for making it evident that the struggle is still going on, the activism is still needed, and that it can be done with a sense of humour that the stereotypical “angry […]

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pick-up lines for feminists – Lesley Kartali – Lodestar Quarterly

http://www.lodestarquarterly.com/work/343/ I’ve been working on a comic strip for freakin’ ever (now an actual measurement of time, I believe) and I really should get going on it soon. Mainly because other people are coming up with terrific things that some of my characters might say, and I’m worried people might think I’ve been secretly plagiarising. […]

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Womens suffrage – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_suffrage An interesting distinction of which I was not aware: suffragists (peaceful protestors) suffragettes (violent protestors)

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